Freelancer Sprint

Freelancer Sprint

Kickstart Your Freelance Career

Kickstart Your Freelance Career

Get exclusive access to Typedream's AI Website Builder and Valuable insights for freelance success

The Design Brief

Leverage AI to find your first client by "Design Roasting"

Join this unique sprint to simultaneously build your brand and break into the world of freelancing with confidence. Secure one client or sell a digital product within 3 months, and receive a one-year subscription to Typedream's "Launch Plan."

What the heck is "design roasting"?

"Design Roasting" originated from, founder of Baked.Design Studio and previously at Meta, Netflix & Hubspot. "Design Roasting" is a method where designers critique and provide feedback on designs in a constructive and often public manner. This practice has been integral to Nick's business strategy, significantly influencing his growth and inspiring other designers to adopt a similar approach. It showcases the power of active engagement and constructive criticism in fostering professional growth and community within the design industry.


You'll be invited to an optional meeting to ask designers who have been successful in the practice of design roasting. Learn about their journey, their tactics and strategy, so you can experiment. If you miss this opportunity, you will have access to a recording of the meeting. You'll also research the practice on twitter and gain a general understanding of the movement. You'll also be able to test out Typedream's AI website builder to figure out how to best leverage this tool for speed.


You'll begin defining your own personal brand and carving out a twitter presence. You'll also start doing research on industries and businesses to target.

Ideate + Prototype

You'll create landing pages and/or digital products to sell while leveraging Typedream's powerful AI Website Builder.

Test and Reflect

Each week, you'll share your learnings of your launches in a tweet. Additionally, Sprintfolio's AI-driven platform will guide you to write a case study about your experience. This is a great way to explore freelancing with support and guard rails.

Participate in Showcase Presentation Day

You'll have 3 months to acquire a client or sell a digital good. You'll create a case study and a brief presentation about your journey. After completion, you'll be eligible to join a Showcase Presentation Day with Nick, senior designers and potential hiring startups. You'll receive valuable feedback to improve and grow from the experience.


We accept rolling applications until spots run out. We host quarterly Showcase Presentation days. In order to be eligible for our first showcase to present your work to the Nick Buzz, the Typedream team, companies and senior designers, you must submit your project by June 11, 2024. With our monthly membership, you'll be able to access and audit all our projects, but we do encourage you to only work on one at a time.


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