Understand and Empower Devs

Understand and Empower Devs

Redesign the Future of API Monitoring and Benchmarking

The Design Brief

About the Client: Idrinth/api-bench is an open source project ran by Björn Büttner and contributors.

@idrinth/api-bench is a framework for measuring and monitoring api (and website) response times. It is meant to make it simpler for devs, ops and qa people by making it easier to write reuseable code. By providing clear insights into API and website performance metrics, this tool empowers teams to identify bottlenecks, optimize code, and deliver exceptional user experiences with confidence. This is a great way for designers to understand how to work crossfunctionally with dev teams. ***PENDING 3 MINIMUM DESIGNERS FOR UXR TEAM***

The Objective

Embark on a journey to elevate your API monitoring and optimization efforts with @idrinth/api-bench! As a framework meticulously crafted to empower developers, operations teams, and quality assurance professionals, @idrinth/api-bench simplifies the process of measuring and monitoring API (and website) response times.

Choose between two objectives:

  1. Improve the UI/UX for the Documentation Website: Dive into our React-powered documentation website, where usability improvements await to enhance your experience.

  1. Improve the UI/UX ​for the History Website: Uncover the power of data visualization with our Svelte-based history website, designed to cater to both technical and non-technical users alike. Svelte is a modern JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces. It differs from other frameworks like React or Vue in that it shifts much of the work to compile time, resulting in smaller, faster, and more efficient applications.


You'll be invited to an optional meeting to ask Björn Büttner questions about the project and it's trajectory. Learn about the needs, pain points and motivations of developers. If you miss this opportunity, you will have access to a recording of the meeting.


Collaborate with other designers to conduct primary and secondary research in order to understand the needs, challenges, and expectations of the clients. Synthesize your findings and define the problem you are solving.​

Ideate + Prototype

Brainstorm, experiment and independently design and prototype a solution to iterate and test.

Test and Reflect

Test your solution for it's impact and reflect on the process. Sprintfolio's AI-driven platform will guide you to write your case study while doing the project, making it faster to update your portfolio with future-proof projects tailored to your professional goals.

Participate in Showcase Presentation Day

You'll have 3 months to complete your project, case study and a brief presentation. After completion, you'll be eligible to join a Showcase Presentation Day with the client, senior designers and potential hiring managers. You'll receive valuable feedback to improve your professional materials.


We accept rolling applications until spots run out. We host quarterly Showcase Presentation days. In order to be eligible for our first showcase to present your work to the client, potential employers and senior designers, you must submit your project by June 11, 2024. With our monthly membership, you'll be able to access and audit all our projects, but we do encourage you to only work on one at a time.​


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