Build your own project

Build your own project

Create that passion project you've been wanting to do or create a case study catered towards your dream job

The Design Brief

Create a personalized project that fits your goals

Whether you've been itching to bring your passion project to life or eager to craft a case study tailored to your dream job, this challenge offers the perfect opportunity to turn your ideas into reality. With personalized guidance and accountability provided by Sprintfolio's AI-driven platform, you'll receive the support you need to navigate every step of the design process and write a compelling case study that showcases your skills and expertise.

The Objective


You'll be invited to a brainstorming session with other designers who are embarking on this project. A design mentor will review your portfolio and your career goals, and help determine the best project and case study to produce.


Conduct primary and secondary research in order to understand the needs, challenges, and expectations of the clients. Synthesize your findings and define the problem you are solving.

Ideate + Prototype

Brainstorm, experiment and independently prototype a solution to iterate and test.

Test and Reflect

Test your solution for it's impact and reflect on the process. Sprintfolio's AI-driven platform will guide you to write your case study while doing the project, making it more faster to update your portfolio with future-proof projects tailored to your professional goals.

Participate in Showcase Presentation Day

You'll have 3 months to complete your project, case study and a brief presentation. After completion, you'll be eligible to join a Showcase Presentation Day with the relevant industry professionals, senior designers and potential hiring managers. You'll receive valuable feedback to improve your professional materials.


We accept rolling applications until spots run out. We host quarterly Showcase Presentation days. In order to be eligible for our first showcase to present your work to the client, potential employers and senior designers, you must submit your project by June11, 2024. With our monthly membership, you'll be able to access and audit all our projects, but we do encourage you to only work on one at a time.


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